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Welcome to the official site of Betty Jetson BBW!

Betty Jetson is your favorite pudgy princess! She's plump, hungry, and loves to get down and dirty. Armed with over three years of modeling experience, a no holds barred attitude, tons of sexy friends, and a love for all things kink she has created a BBW utopia with which no one can compare! 

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Cheat Day

Added: 1 month ago


Length: 5 min

Bubble Gum Blowing

Added: 1 month ago


Length: 9 min

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Baking Babe


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Latest Blog Posts

Big Changes- Travel, Fewer Updates, and More

Posted: April, 26, 2016

Hey guys!

First off I would like to apologize for my members for the lapse in updates. If you've been following me on twitter and tumblr then you're already aware of my current situation. Basically I had a relationship that went horribly south and I raised funds as quickly as I could to leave Florida and come home to New England


Honestly I just wrote a really long heartfelt blog post that my site lost, so this is going to be more abbreviated than I initially intended.

Affiliate Program!

Posted: January, 13, 2016

36834-Affiliate Program!-Betty Jetson

Today I'd like to make a quick post about a really cool feature here at and that's my affiliate program!

Did you know that you can make money as a member of my site? Its super easy and mutually beneficial! Join today at to earn 50% of all sales and rebills you bring to my site. It costs nothing to become an affiliate, and is a great way to earn extra cash and get sexy perks from yours truly!

All it takes is posting your affiliate links on your personal social media accounts and you can sit back and enjoy a new source of passive income. As an incentive from me, the affiliate with the most sales at the end of every month gets 5 sexy personal xxx photos that no one but you and I will ever see.

What are you waiting for? Head to today to start getting some extra coin!

Betty's Birthday!

Posted: January, 12, 2016

36746-Betty's Birthday!-Betty Jetson

It's January, my favorite month of the year! Why you ask? Because on the 24th of this month I turn 23!

I'm hoping everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year, and that the holiday season brought you tons of joy and cool gifts! There's no doubt that some of you noticed the lapse in daily updates over the holidays, sometimes it's just too hard to pull myself out of the finnish chocolate induced food coma...


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